Keepin` it Real: Flowing with Life
Robert Sidoti

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Loved this, I feel so centered and relaxed. Thank you, Robert!
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Currently enjoying the 30 day challenge and popped over to check out Robert's other videos. He's your chill yoga brother leading an uncomplicated, super feel good practice.
Jordana, How's the 30 Day going? What day are you on?
I love that description of me and the practice Jordana, thanks for sharing that:)
Anna! How are you? Love that you felt centered and relaxed!! Have you tried any other videos?
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30 Day is easy breezy and feels like the perfect remedy for uncrumpling after a day at my desk or schlepping around with my backpack on mobile work days. Day 5 tomorrow and shared about the challenge on FB. Keep well!
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I had fun and was able to relax at the same time during the wide leg forward folds!
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Always a great practice! Heading out into coronavirus madness, but now I’m prepared!
Hey there Catherine ... Hope you're doing well! Thanks for taking the time to comment here. Have a beautiful day wherever you are! Your profile pic looks as if maybe you're in the mountains, somewhere with lot's of snow? Robert
I’m in eastern Washington...there has been quite a bit of snow this year but the ski season was shut down a few weeks early this year. So grateful for Yoga Anytime!!
Wonderful start to the day. Thanks!
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