The Happy Back Show: Release Low Back Tension
Kira Sloane

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thanks for this practice Kira. It seems to me that after doing this a couple of times over the past few days I have more range of motion in twists, and can hold my sacrum in a more neutral position (my pelvis has a tendency to have an anterior tilt).
Tom, this is such great news! You are the main ingredient in success. xok
Thank you Kira- the practice really brought about profound awareness of all the ligaments and tendons and musculature holding in our organs and how the abdomen really can put pressure on the lower back if your core is not strong. Loved it. blessings! Gayathri
Dearest Gayathri, happy the practice was useful! xok
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A great practice for my morning today! Thank you!
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This is very nice and gentle...I was able to release my fear of movement.  Thanks for your guidance!
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You are pure gold!! Thank you!!!
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Laura M, sweet to be meeting you. xok
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WOW! For mysterious reasons my lower back has seized up and I was noticing that my pelvis and abdomen felt achy and weird. I assumed it was nerve connections, but is it possible I was holding my guts so hard I actually hurt my lower back? There was something really stressful that happened now that I think about it. I'm going to practice this several times today and see what happens. Thank you as always. I am here and learning with you all the time. xo
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