30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 2: Breathe Into It
Robert Sidoti

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Good morning and good day to you Tanya !! Love your comment and I'm so happy you can feel my positivity and encouragement come through the screen :) I'm happy you turned up for this one - keep me posted and let me know how your practice feels and evolves as you move forward. Robert
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I’m a first timer here and loving it so far. Great instruction Robert, thank you.
Jonathan, glad you are here! - kira
Hey there Jonathan !! Welcome to Yoga Anytime, to this challenge and a big welcome to the yoga practice! (That is if you’re a beginner and new to yoga🙏🏽) 
Either way, happy to have you! Please feel free to keep me/us posted as to how it’s going for you and how you’re feeling. Doing these online home practices can feel like a solo endeavor, but there is a community here practicing together, which is super cool! 
I’m right here my friend, Robert
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Ι feel the difference. I do thank you :) 
Wanted to take that challenge as I keep on improving some details... then will have to show up every day. 🙏
Have you been showing up every day Ch Marie d’I ? Improving on any details, how's your practice coming along? Hope your day is inspiring with a splash of happiness!! 
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