30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Be Fearless
Robert Sidoti

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Loving these classes thanks Robert!
My pleasure Rachel! Day 5 and you are on your way! I'll be watching along the way, so don't hesitate to ask questions!
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Put a t-shirt on, pleas!
Hi Avril! So nice to have you with us here! My apologies if me having my shirt off offends you in any way. We at Yoga Anytime feel it's helpful to have the shirt off to enable you the viewer a clearer shot of the body, the muscles we are cuing you to engage, move etc :) I believe I am shirtless throughout this challenge, so hopefully you can look beyond and still enjoy the practice! Have a great day!
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I'm so enjoying these new moves for me, anyway, I've tried to memorise some of them for when it's finished.
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Robert that practice was a lot of fun. I am afraid that my crow has 2 broken wings - toes hop pathetically off the ground - but I am an enthusiastic participant for the rest of the practice.Lets just say that it is good that I am doing this in the privacy of my own home. The most joyous practice to date. Thank you. I love how you end peace. Lovely
so much improvement!!! how exciting! still can't do crow, but that's ok, maybe next time. thank you Robert! Loving my yoga practice, :)
Maria!! Day 5 already on the second round, I'm super impressed, like for real!! :)) Crow may or may not come, but I'm getting the feeling you'll be fine either way!
Peace Sam :) And thank you!
I know it's been 23 days Elle, but are you able to remember some of the poses you wanted to remember? I'll see if I can catch up with you around day 29-30:)
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