Yoga for Athletes: Back Repair
Lydia Zamorano

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Hi. This feels so great on the lower back and stomach. I think you're right on regarding reducing the effort so your large muscles don't take over, allowing you to work the smaller ones. So much benefit.
Hi Andrew! I love this sequence too. Great first thing in the morning to set your day with those integral muscles enlivened. Glad it felt good for you!
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this felt like an advanced Sahrmann series! such a good conversation with my fascia.

added a pic taken by Babydaddy just minutes ago during the practice :)
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I had never really heard of Fascia before or at least never paid attention to it. I seem to be learning lots about anatomy these days. It really helps me focus in on the details and fun too.
Hi Brittany! Sweetest picture ever! Made my day. xo
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Thank you so much for sharing this Lydia
I really needed this today. My low back is a problem due to a previous herniated disk. I found the oscillations a great help in releasing the tighness and removing the pain. I need the bolster and I'm so glad you incorporate it in this session, it is such a help in releasing the tightness in all those sticky areas. Do you have any other practices to help the knees, mine are so "crunchy"
Thank you Lydia for a gentle and effective practice.
Hi Joan I'm so glad this practice was useful for you. I love the oscillation and it's worked wonders for me. I think it's really supportive for hydration of the tissues as we age as well. You are so welcome and thanks for letting me know. Love, Lydia Zamorano
I have to tell ypu again how I love this, I need this every morning to release my back. It's so wonderful. Do you have any other practices with oscillation? Thanks again Lydia.
Hi Joan Feel free to send me an email and we can chat about the bio tensegrity work that I do. I can send you some resources for that. Love.
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