Yoga for Athletes: Back Repair
Lydia Zamorano

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Love all your practices but this is my favorite. I had so much lower back pain today, and this relieved the pain. Bio tensegrity is the best! Now I can do my 2 mile walk.
Grateful for your teachings💜
Today was a breakthrough for me. I felt all my large muscles relax, and the oscillation of the spine become so easy. It's amazing to feel each part of my inner body work in harmony. Thank you Lydia Zamorano.
Joan I love hearing your insights with this practice. Thank you for sharing. So much love!
Lydia Zamorano
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I really like this practice.  I've been doing it every week for a couple of months and starting to feel the strength building.  I've been learning exactly what you mention at the beginning, that even for those who are fairly fit there are often underlying weaknesses that we have to compensate for.  This is just what I've needed.
Heidi so glad to hear you connecting to a deeper sense of strength :)
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