Good Morning Yoga: Love Your Spine
Alana Mitnick

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Hi Alana! I have to say that I have watched almost every one of your episodes and I just love waking up with your practice each morning. Thank you for sharing. Do you ever teach any classes in NY?
Hi Elana! Thank you for being here! So delighted to be practicing together on Yoga Anytime. I teach regular classes in Ojai, California at the Ojai Yoga Shala. If I'm ever teaching in NY I will let you know! xoA
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Alana, this felt great. My back kinda clicked a couple of times during it which I think is a good thing? Just another wonderful practice. Thanks as always. x
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Hi Alana  - came to this class for back pain relief and got it!   Love how you explain "feeling the front spine" and moving from that place to extend.  In Gratitude,  Terri
Hi Terri, I'm so happy you found relief from this practice! I do love the feeling of moving slowly and mindfully into backbends--lifting, extending, and lengthening the front of the spine. I hope you continue to find relief and ease in your practice. Stay close. Warmly, Alana
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This was a blissful exploration. Thank you Alana.
Wonderful, Ali! May you carry the bliss into your day. xoA
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Brilliant for the back. Great teaching. Thanks so much !
Thank you, Guillaume, for joining me! I hope your spine feels a bit more open, fluid, and free after this practice. All the best, Alana 
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This was a perfect practice. So sweet, Alana Mitnick !! Your instruction is such a treasure!
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