Ayurveda: Practices to Feel Like Yourself: Vata Evening Practice
Ali Cramer

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Whew. Perfect after an intense day. Palms together.
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A wonderful way to wind down after being wound up all day - and I was enjoying myself and having with my two kids at a music festival! Now I feel relaxed and ready to face a night of relaxing sleep. Thanks Ali.
Glenford thank you so much! Sweet dreams!
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I love this practice. Thanks so much.
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Thank you Lori! Namaste!
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My absolute favorite before bed practice. Thank you!
Kristi sweet dreams! Namaste, Ali
Eric palms together to you-thank you! Namaste, Ali
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Wow- that was beautiful-- I used my inversion seat thingie for the legs up wall- now to go to bed.. feeling relaxed.. :)
Shelley so happy to hear that! Sweet dreams! Namaste, Ali
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