Start Yoga: Practice 1: Lets Begin
Alana Mitnick

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Really enjoyed this one just what
I needed to start day Thanks for going to slowly and explaining well and for the wonderful stretching in the practice
Hi Pamela! So delighted to be practicing together. Please keep me posted on your experience and journey with the course. Warmly, Alana
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Excited to start this. I'm planning on doing my teacher training next year when my baby is old enough but this year I'm brushing up on skills and knowledge beforehand so this will be great.
Hi Jasmine! So happy you are here with us on Yoga Anytime! This such a wonderful resource. I look forward to hearing how the Start Yoga course goes for you. Warmly, Alana
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I’m hoping this course gives me a good basis to start my yoga journey.
Bev, So glad you are here! Please let me know how this course is working for you. I am available for any questions along the way. The hardest part is just starting. I look forward to hearing how your journey is unfolding.  Warmly, Alana 
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Hi Alana, although I "officially" start the course tomorrow, I did what I could in practice 1. I also have a personal trainer to help me get back in shape. Interestingly to me, I find I still have a lot of upper body strength, but my lower body is weak and stiff. Struggled with the lunges. I don't know if I'll be ready for the next practice in a week. Should I do practice one daily or give my body a rest. I also ordered the props you suggested today. I think you're a great teacher and I think this will absolutely help in my healing and getting back to normal. Thank You, Mark Gannett
Hi Mark, Great questions. My advice is to take it slowly, always listen to your body, and be extra patient with yourself. Lunges can be intense and quite difficult. Instead, come on to your back and draw one knee into your chest (keep the other leg long). Start with exploring your range of movement with gentle stretching on your back. Do a little bit everyday! So maybe just a part of the practice that resonates with your body. When your body feels like resting, REST. You might find some of my Gentle Yoga practices helpful. Please keep me posted. Best wishes, Alana 
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Hi Alana, I've started my practice. Got the cork blocks but not the belt or mat I also ordered. I hope they weren't snatched from my porch! I'm stuck on the first lesson because I'm still stiff and can't comfortably get thru all the exercises. Getting much better though. I think I told you I had a long hospital stay (not corona virus, thank God) and I'm using yoga and a personal fitness trainer to get my strength back and get in overall better shape. Thanks for your help! I can move at my own pace, right? Mark
Hi Mark, Great news! I find the hardest part about Yoga is simply starting. I encourage you to slowly move through and try out the different episodes... you do not need to master the first practice before moving on. You can come back to the postures and movements that really work for you, again and again... and yes, it's all about moving at your OWN pace... that's the beauty of a home practice.  So glad to hear that you have a personal trainer to support you in developing strength. Please reach out with any questions! Best wishes, Alana 
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