21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 13: Mala Meditation
Nikki Estrada

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I loved this meditation experience. I liked the mala and the mantra together. It felt like this is the way I want to meditate from now on. The last time I meditated in the previous challenge, I was aware of my heart beat during part of the challenge. But this time I was very aware the whole time from beginning to end. It was not a distraction but I could feel the pulse on the left side of my body. In yoga classes I have been asked to feel my heartbeat and never could. But during this challenge I am starting to feel it for some reason. Now that I am finished meditating, I no longer feel it.
Curtis, I love following your experience with the meditation. Thank you!
Curtis yes keep the comments coming- i love following along with you too!
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📿 = 👍! Love using a mala...the 20 minutes seemed to fly by and now I'm feeling very relaxed...
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Thanks for this session! I have a quick question- is the mantra matched with each breath? It seems to take me the entire 20 minutes to go once through my mala beads. Just curious about this.
Sarah no- you dont have to match the mantra with the breath, just breathe normal breath and focus on the mantra bead to bead!
Cool- thanks!
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Cool- thanks!
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Dear Nikki - this session was a great lesson for me about prejudice. Some years ago when I was beginning to learn meditation techniques, I decided that I *disliked* using a mala and so did not persist with it enough to become comfortable with it. I did keep the mala though and used it again this morning. It felt a little awkward physically and yet I experienced a deep meditation and, at the end, a feeling of prana moving around in my chest. I think the combination of breath, mantra PLUS the addition of concentrating on moving along the beads really worked to focus my mind. And I thought with a wry smile, well what do you know? I had rejected something that actually works for me... 📿✨
Debra I had a similar experience- the mala always seemed so cumbersome to me, but when I finally committed to it and gave it some time- I loved it!
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