Move to Meditate: Open Your Hips to Sit
Rebecca Urban

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Wow! This is the perfect pre-holiday shopping (or pre-any-crazy-busy-day) practice. Short and very sweet, hitting all the right spots and squeezing in the all-important self-care that’s so easy to neglect during hectic days. Thank you!
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We get caught up in flows and forget that every pose requires attention. I can see this would lend itself beautifully to any pose in the Standing Series.
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perfect and creative
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perfect for pre-sadhana.
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BEX, I love this beautiful and powerful practice. I enjoy the leg work, and still feel all the energy and heat. (Nice withut down dogs and planks for a change) I have no arches in my feet and do use blocks to help with balance. My knees are cranky so I was not able to get myself into a gorgeous Goddess, but I did feel the work in my quads.
I feel opened, energized and stretched. Lovely meditation at the end. So grateful for this sessionđŸ’œ
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I love to return to this practice thank you
Such a great practice for leg strength
Such an opening practice
I love yoga
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