30 Minute Yoga Flows: Energy Flow
Sarah Beston

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Thank you so much for responding to comments! Considering your yoga wisdom and experience, I am curious, what makes half moon a great posture for you?
Namaste :)
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Hi Vahid Great question! Personally, I love half moon because, like many balancing postures, it helps with focus and really encourages me to be present with my body and my breath in the moment. I also broke my left foot over a year ago and I find that this particular posture really helps re-strengthen all the little muscles in my feet that were weaker due to injury. How about you?
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Hi Sarah Beston, Im sorry about your left foot! I wish you fast & full re-strengthening!
Regarding half moon, I enjoy the mental silence and focus too!... (Well, since it's not an easy posture, I secretly admire myself and take it as a little achievement) I also like how I feel grounded and balanced through my standing leg, while at the same time, I am enjoying the sense of flying and freedom through the rest of my floating body. I guess some sort of duality, maybe.
Thanks for asking, Namaste :)
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Just what I needed to soften into the moment, and just be here. Thank you!!!!!
Hi Laura ! So happy to hear you were able to soften into the present moment! Happy to be practicing together here! All the best!
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Love this practice - thank you so much!!!
Hi Pat Pao ! I am so happy this was a good practice for you! You are so welcome and thank you for practicing with me here on Yoga Anytime! Love.
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Such a lovely, invigorating sequence! Thank you for your guidance here. Wonderful cueing.
: )
You are so welcome, Kate ! I am thrilled to be practicing with you here. Much love, Sarah
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Sarah, I'm loving your classes! I especially appreciate how much you remind us to link the breath with movement. For me, nothing is more effective at shutting off the chatter of the mind. At the end of your classes I realize I have been totally focused and my mind is (relatively!) quiet. Thank you and keep the classes coming!
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