30 Minute Yoga Flows: Lengthen and Strengthen
Sarah Beston

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Excellent sequence. Thank you.
Hi Eric ! So glad to hear that you enjoyed the sequence! Thank you for practicing together.
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Lovely practice! Thanks for sharing! Enjoying lots of joy and peace here, Namaste!
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Thank you for practicing with me Vahid ! Have a lovely day!
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sweet practice. i'll be doing this again...
Hi Shawnee ! So nice hearing from you and happy to be practicing with you!
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You are a lovely teacher, Sarah! Thank you for this : )
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Thank you so very much for the lovely comment, Kate! I am really happy to be practicing with you here! xo
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I like Susan's standing pose transitions. It flows well but allows you to be challenged at your own level.
Hi Barbara, thanks for letting me know and glad the transitions and flow worked well for you! All the best!
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