30 Minute Yoga Flows: Shoulders: Stretch and Strengthen
Sarah Beston

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Love the sequence. You're so flexible! In future I would appreciate if an acknowledgement was made for those of us who might not be as flexible as you, where the pose may look rather different than the way you do it. Like, if we can't bend nowhere near as far as you, is the pose still effective? Are we still doing it ok? I feel like a bit of a schmuck without the acknowledgement. Thanks.
Hi S! Thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback and absolutely, I will consider this when teaching online going forward. For me, I am pretty naturally flexible and in my own practice I actually have to be super aware of hypermobility for the safety of my joints and body. What I like to remind my students is to try and tune in to how it feels, the feeling sense in your body, rather than what it may look like on the outside. The poses are just a way in. How do you feel when you are in the postures that I am offering in this practice? Yes, the poses are absolutely effective and as long as you are breathing and honoring your own physical boundaries you are doing great. While I love teaching online, I can also understand how some of this may be lost in translation (I wish we could practice together in person some day!). Wishing you a beautiful Sunday and feel free to reach out any time! All the best, Sarah
Beautiful sequencing. Thank you.
Thank you so much for practicing with me Eric ! Glad you enjoyed the sequencing as well. Wishing you a wonderful week!
Thank you for that shoulder sequence, really needed it after boxing the other day.

It was a bit too fast for me, as I really wanted to feel the stretch especially during eagle arms in warrior 2, but it felt kind of rushed.

Nevertheless, great sequence. Thank you!
Hi Lee Joan, thank you for practicing with me here on Yoga Anytime and wow, boxing? Good for you! There is an option on the video to make it go a little slower if that is ever helpful. You can hover over the clock icon and lower the speed. Have a great weekend!
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thanks so much. I enjoyed your lesson and felt great after all
You're very welcome, nga! I am so happy this practice left you feeling great. Wishing you a beautiful day!
loved it, greetings from Cape Town
Hi Craig! So happy to hear and how are things in Cape Town? My friends just landed there this weekend for vacation. Hope you have a beautiful week!
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