Yogis Among Us: Prince: What's in a Name?
Annie Moyer

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Really enjoyed this practice looking forward to the next one. Thought about binge practicing lol but I think I will stretch then out to enjoy them one day at a time.
Love this, Sam!! I hope you're continuing to enjoy these stories :)
Messages from the universe everywhere... A month ago I went to a shelter to look at a 2.5 yr old female dog. Instead, I was drawn to a 5 month old puppy's energy and now he is part of the family! We named him "Prince" after the artist because of his markings of eye liner, and, a goatee. He was not a breed, sex, age, or size, I was looking for, but, there was something that could not/cannot be "labeled" about him, that made me strongly believe, he needed to be in my family's lives... And, today, I discover your enlightening practice for the first time!!! Thank you!
Tess!!! This is so wonderful....and so meant to be. My "Prince," the shepherd/hound mix, came home with us from the shelter as a tiny pup. We intended to foster for two weeks, and two days later I called to say we would be keeping him forever.
Oh my goodness, he is adorable!! Here is our new "Prince."
This is our "foster" Toby who is now a permanent member of the Dunn Household;) No more fostering for the Dunns:D Love my canine yogis!!!
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ohhhh those darlings!!! i think our princes could be related. xoxo
I like this concept, very creative and caring, thanks
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