Practice with Patricia: Pelvis, Hips, and Core<br>Patricia Sullivan

Practice with Patricia: Pelvis, Hips, and Core
Patricia Sullivan

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Susan S
Usually I don't enjoy the calm and slow instruction but Patricia gives such support behind what she is doing and being a Pilates/Anatomy Geek I loved every minute of this video. Can't wait to watch more
Patricia Sullivan
Hi Susan, that means a lot to me, you being a Pilates/Anatomy geek and all. I love the nuts and bolts of the work and feel it is a great support for fine tuning our instrument of awakening.
Christy M
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I always get some nuggets of information listening and watching Patricia. I'm so pleased to have access to her teaching. Also I love that she represents the wise ways of moving thoughtfully with listening carefully.
Patricia Sullivan
Christy, so great to hear you're finding useful nuggets and appreciating the thoughtful, listening approach. The listening touches in to our deepest layers if we give it a chance. Thank you for tuning in! Love!
Catherine D
Thankyou Patricia, I appreciate your kind, thoughtful approach , helping us become more sensitive to the many layers of a seemingly simple asana.
Patricia Sullivan
Catherine, so glad you found this practice taking you to deeper layers. The simple can do that because you have time and space enough to drop in. My best to you!
Anne J
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What a sweet and juicy sequence - feels like a very kind and leisurely way to wake up the hips, pelvis, and belly without force. Love the touch with the block between the feet in supine baddha konasana - brilliant and sweet.
Patricia Sullivan
Thanks for your feedback Anne; waking up our body without force as you say, leaves more energy for tapping in to the subtle forces that nourish us. P
Lianne M
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this is great for the morning. I was feeling very old and stiff today and this sequence helped a lot. Thanks Patricia.
Patricia Sullivan
You're welcome Lianne, a nice tender approach is sometimes just the thing in the morning. So happy it helped.
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