Practice with Patricia: Pelvis, Hips, and Core
Patricia Sullivan

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I was not feeling well today and searching for a gentle practice on the floor. This helped me feel much better, thank you so much. I learned some practices I would like to incorporate regularly. I also enjoyed your presence so much--it felt devoid of any veil of performance or self-consciousness. That was really refreshing. The effect is of having spent time with you as you practice and share your thoughts and very extensive experience. A real pleasure, thank you.
Dear Lizzy R, I'm happy you benefitted so deeply from this practice. Re: the lack of veil, a large and potent aspect of yoga is finding the courage to be authentic. easier said than done, but so rewarding. Thank you for trying out the practice.
I have been having hip and low back weakness and pain. This really really feels good to me and like it helps with the weakness even.
Thanks Lindsay! yes we're attempting to strengthen and stabilize and not over-focus on flexibility in this and my other lessons as well. Enjoy the fruits of your practice.
delicious! thank you!
so glad you found this practice a tasty one. and thanks for saying so!
thankyou so much for this video Patricia - I have scoliosis ( 90 degree curve in left lumbar' - and these sort of stretching practises really help me. My hips werea bit painful on the outsides whilst doing some of this - any suggestions please?
I also had a broken Pelvis in 3 places a few years ago in a car accident - no op - all apparently healed..
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My second time doing this class, and it made me again, feel amazing. Think this will be a regular one. Thankyou again! x
Glynis, I'm so happy your second experience with this practice is so sweet. I had been thinking to just suggest that you enter the practice, any practice, with TLC, plenty of it. Your tender loving attention will help you to cultivate the sensitivity you need to really find out what's best for you as you go along. Please enjoy! Love
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Hi Patricia
Yes -I will take your advice ! Can't wait to do more tomorrow!
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