Aligned With Breath: Deep Quiet Hips
Margi Young

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Very soothing and a warm hug for the soul ❤️
Thank you, Margi, for another AMAZING practice. I still miss practicing with you in NYC after so many years but I am forever thankful for you and YogaAnytime for bringing your class back in my life.
Masako So happy to know you are with me on the mat. I look forward to the next time I see you in the flesh! xoxoxo
I love this practise and find myself coming back to it for some much looked forward to r&r
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Lauri That makes me so happy to spread any amount of R&R these days. Continue to take good care and practice! Margi
This practice is such a wonderful counterbalance to the more active practices we do--and to life. :) The supta badakonasana variation is new to me, and is just delightful--a keeper for the toolbox. Thank you, Margi Young
Lori So glad it felt good. i adore that version of supta b! Thanks for writing. Margi Young
So happy to have found this show. This sequence was perfect for me today! Thank you so much : )
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Kate Yay! Always good to find the right sequence for the moment. Margi
Loved this!
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