Yoga for Our Nature: Elemental Yoga: Water
Melina Meza

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Just a beautiful flow. Thank you for bringing it and sharing.
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Beautiful and soothing practice.
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This has become my favorite. So soothing, relaxing!
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This was a great and soothing way to practice. Thank you so much.
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I loved this so much. So graceful. Thank you.
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absolutely luscious practice-- your voice and your rhythm are perfect for this-- thank you Melina!
oh what a compliment! thank you and i hope this is one of those classes you keep coming back to.
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Loved the way the adana flow, thank you!
This class feels so good for my mommy body. Thank you for a relaxing yet deep stretching session, Melina.
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So glad I found this practice and you as a teacher. Loved every moment of this. I now feel uplifted and pleasantly stretched. Thank you! 🙏🏻
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