Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Mandala Flow
Shelley Williams

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Happy New Year Shelley! I just completed Day 7 and I feel amazing. Thank you for your energy and spirit. I'm so inspired and I needed exactly this at this time.
With Gratitude, Bridget
Bridget so glad you are feeling inspired! Keep up your rhythm, you are doing great!!
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Thank you, Shelley. I really like your soothing voice and encouragement. I can't believe that I am at the 7th day of this challenge now. You make it seem easy. Thanks again.
Jeannie S. Hi Jeannie! Thank you :) Nice to hear that you are in a good rhythm with the challenge... once we get into a flow and routine, its easy, huh?
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Yes, it's a lot easier now. I may even be ready for another challenge- one with a 45 min. or an hour one! : ) .
Perfect duration for morning practice! Thank you for inspiration and motivation! Namaste
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I got sooo sweaty in this one! Had to shower immediately after
Alexandra HI Alexandra! Thanks for the feedback, and welcome! Namaste~
Samantha Suh-Weet!! I love that feeling... its a gift to be able to sweat :)
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Hi Shelley, I had never done the windscreen wipers move on my tummy before yesterday; frees up my back so I’m enjoying that new move in particular. Thank you.
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