Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Mandala Flow
Shelley Williams

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Loving the challenge so far.  Great alternative with the club closed. I'm not used to practicing every day, but I really like it.
Gary Thank you Gary! Glad you are finding this a positive alternative... how is the challenge going for you?  Virtual hugs to you!
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I dreaded today, not because of the practice but because it's a grief-aversary but this flow both energised me and opened  body and mind. So beautiful and something I'll come back to over and over again. Thank you!
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2nd time around doing this challenge and the Mandela flows are what unlock forward to the most. So beautiful and organic and deeply connecting. Amazing!
Charlotte Thank you so much for your kind note! I am flattered and happy to know you accomplished this two times around! I learned the style of Mandala flow patterning from one of my amazing teachers Shiva Rea. Hope you are feeling happy in your heart!
I've started the challenge one week ago and up to now it's my favorite one. Thank you!
Lina S I am so glad you are enjoying the challenge! Great to meet you and see you here!  Happy practicing! 
Wonderful practice! Thanks, Shelley! Regards!
First time doing a Mandala. That's cool. Always love the humble warrior. I separated my shoulder (third degree) 25 years ago, so can't grab my hands behind the back on left side. Thanks for the alternate suggestions and the quiet Savasana. Hit the spot on a Friday night. Have a great weekend and hope you get out to surf soon. It will be 23 degrees in NJ tomorrow. If you can't tell, I am digging this 30 day challenge.  Chuckle. 
This was one of my favorites in the challenge and the second time, though it moved so much slower, was just as fun. 
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