Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 9: Rhythmic Flow
Shelley Williams

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I've enjoyed the dancer pose with the strap.
Jeannie S. Since Day 7 I there've been a number of big jumps without much adjustment options provided. My level of trust has backed off a bit but I'm hoping things will balance out again.
Hi! Today's practice was interesting to me- it was the first time I did a Dancer's pose with the strap and I liked it! Thanks, Shelley! Kind regards!
Hey Shelley, this practice was strengthening! The chaturangas and the side planks were fun. I felt the spine wave; look forward to sharpening that awareness. Thanks for all the quad stretching. I have so much tightness there because of cycling and cranky knees, so I appreciated the strap work.
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