Yoga for Emotions: Calm Down
Sonia Isart Sanou

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heartfelt and therapeutic. someday would love to hear your ocean in the background of one of your beautiful presentations.
Thanks Sharon, i agree nature and the pcean pf cpurse is healing in itself. I have been practicing a lot in the nature for the past 2 years and loving it. Thanks for sharing!
I cannot see this video :(
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ZA, Thank you for your comment. We just double checked the video and it seems to working OK. Please email us: if you continue to have issues and we can troubleshoot with you. All the best!
Sonia, you are precious!
now i have one more reason to come back to the west coast, meeting you yogini sister and chanting along! thanks for sharing!
Yes please come to my studio, chant and teach!
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thank you Sonia, love this transformational practice, especially the Janu - works so well when taught like this! peace!
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Calm down practice so helpful, such great techniques to learn, thank-you for sharing and teaching, I will return to this practice many times 
Thanks for practicing with me Victoria , your feedbacl is great inspiration and motivation. xox
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