Active Recovery Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Spine
Lydia Zamorano

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Sarah So glad you love that one! It's so yummy. Hope your day is beautiful! Warmly, Lydia 
So yummy and nourishing! I always tell myself that I am only as young as my spine. This practice makes me feel great! Thank you Lydia.
Martha So happy you love this! Thank you so much for your feedback! Stay in touch. Warmly, Lydia 
I love this challenge Lydia. I've been away from yoga for about 3 years. I realised last week that my life is all round better with yoga and started practicing again. I LOVE these classes... there are so many targeted spots in my body that are saying thanks when i give them a bit love. It's a nice gentle, but intense way of getting back into yoga. Thanks again for your lovely classes. x
Beautiful... I realized that I rarely get into that QL area with pressure and it was intense but interesting! An area for further exploration : )
Kate Hi! Glad you found some curiosity here! If the pressure is sometimes too intense with the prop you're using, you can throw a blanket around it and soften the pressure! I often do this. Or you can have a blanket underneath you the surface is softer too. Love! 
I love this practice!  :))
Fabian Thanks for your feedback and joy! 
I'll be live with yoga anytime on Friday the 2nd of October! Hope you'll join me for a slow flow and hip work! Lydia 
I've really enjoyed the side bend variations. I feel taller! Thank you!
Lina S I hear you! Side bends are my jam! Hope you are well Lina, and thank you for taking the time to comment. Warmth, Lydia 
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