Enjoy Yourself Summer Challenge: Day 1: Simple and Sweet
Steph Winsor

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I really enjoyed this easy practice. It is just want I need to start off my day. Slow and easy is just what my body needs right now. Steph, your sweet voice with your gentle descriptions adds to this lovely practice.
Perfect! Just what I need to reintroduce my body to yoga! Namaste.
Thank you for this. The way you describe the movements is so clear and relatable I am approaching my yoga in a more beneficial way. Thank you so much.
Cheri, thank you for such a kind review! I'm happy you enjoyed it. I too love the opportunity to nurture myself by slowing down the practice. Did you get a chance to try any of the other days?
Melissa welcome back to you!! Getting back on the mat always feels a little awkward and relieving. I hope you enjoy the later days of the challenge. I think they will be a perfect reintroduction to a yoga practice. Enjoy and let me know what you think!
Becca, I'm stoked to hear that you enjoyed the descriptions. I wanted to make sure it was slow and clear, that way we can all approach the shapes/movements with more confidence + curiosity.  It helped me listen more closely during the practice too! Let me know what you think of the other days :)
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Such a calm, refreshingly simple practice. It invites an easy inner focus. Your cueing is lovely, your voice gently empowering. Thank you Steph !
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Lovely practice, slow enough to enjoy and expand in each movement and posture🌸🌾
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Steph - Thank you for such a beautiful, sweet and kind practice today. I am so grateful you are on Yoga Anytime. What a gift!
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Thank you for this super nice start of my small holiday. It brings me into a mindset where I can enjoy it in a simple way. Fabulous! 
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