Yoga for Anxiety: Ease Tension
Jillian Pransky

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Beautiful and relaxing practice! Thanks, Jillian!
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Sandra Thank you for your message. I am so glad that it supports your relaxation. May you be well and at ease, Jillian

Thankyou for these calming practices. They have been of valuable help
Dear Catherine - I am so glad they have been of good help to you. These are difficult times. Add in the season... and things are most certainly 'ungrounded' right now and challenging for even the most stable of us. 
this was amazing!! thank you!!
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Laura M thank you for practicing. So glad it served you. 

A wonderful calming practice.  I will be doing this again.
Roslyn G I"m glad it was here for you and I too hope you'll do it again. And again! May you be well, Jillian

This is my go to stress releasing practice. Thanks & hugs
Lorraine Marek So glad to know the practice helps you when you need it most!  I hope you return again and again...  With gratitude Jillian
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