The Vinyasa Show: Heart Centered Flow
Brenda Lear

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in 3rd and 4th sequence you skipped the pose on the left side that stretches the hamstring. otherwise great practice.
Hi Vesta! Thanks for your note. Isn't Brenda great! Have you watched her Moving Towards Handstand sequence? I did the practice this morning and really enjoyed it. xo Alana
Hi Vesta, Sorry about skipping the pose on the left side. I think I had a bit of "yoga brain". I am glad you enjoyed it.
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Hi, Enjoyed your practice this morning. Hope you are enjoying yourself this week your all your yoga. I am anxious to here all about it. Love you Mom
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Thanks Mom ;)
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This was very sweet! At first I wanted to do a full lung, and realized the benefits of being more gentle and slow! My lower back is thanking me this morning :)
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Wonderful practice, I feel so open afterwards. Thanks Brenda!
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Super fun, unique, and challenging vinyasa class! A little fast for me, but it was a good challenge at reminding myself to stay with alignment, even if it takes me a little longer :) Thanks Brenda!
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So wonderful...true medicine for my body! I'd never done cricket pose before...wasn't sure I could, but the helpful cues made it accessible! Thank you.
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I loved how grounded and opening this practice made me feel! I love Brenda's presence and spirit. And, as someone who cares a lot about symmetry, the 2 missing mini-sequences on the left are such a significant omission (for me) that I'm surprised the video is still up.
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