The Vinyasa Show: Ignite Your Fire
Brenda Lear

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Wow, needed this. It’s been a while since I focused on my core. I’ll repeat this Practice for sure.
Whoooo- that was work. Good work! Definitely fired up my core and found my edge on this one! Thanks :).
Thank you Brenda! We love this practice, keep coming back to it over and over! It is challenging but always feel so great after it.
Whew that was very tough for me , I am 69 and a relative beginner , my lower back took a lot of strain ,but I’m really trying to improve my core ,
Hi, Soozi ! Congrats on getting through that practice!  Whew, sounds hard!! Just so you know, every class has a Level assigned to it.  Beginner is generally Level 1 or 1/2, and this practice is a 2/3, out of 3! You can go to VIDEOS at the top of the screen and filter by "Anatomical Focus" (so you get your "abdominals" or "core" work), and then by Level.  We recommend learning the basics before moving onto the tougher practices, as this will help you avoid injury (like lower back strain :) ) If you have any more questions or would like recommendations, please email me at!  Practice on!🙏 
Brenda: that was rough. In other words, thanks! However, I love snow shoveling. :) Best, David 
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