The Zoe and Coco Show: Core Sequence
Zoe Ho

Watch this Practice
You get quite a workout here in a short period of time!
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Indeed Mary Ellen!! :) It was hard keeping a straight face and talking while doing core, haha! I loved your profile... happy healing
I cant get over the little white pup doing a perfect example of downward dog on the cover of "playtime'
Thank you for your personal words of encouragement- I am very attracted to your style and energy!
Thank you Mary! You are sharing lovely energy too. We are all in community and it's wonderful to be connected :) Coco thanks you too - she does do a perfect downdog!
Great practice, thank you!! It is wonderful to see someone else practice with their dog:) My pug mix rescue, Shasta, loves to hang with me while I do yoga. Like Chloe, she is also a Zen, peaceful presence in my life. Yeah dogs!!!!!
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Hi Tesa :) I agree, it is so wonderful have furry support and companionship on the mat. Awww that's a cute pic of Shasta, thank you for sharing! Coco is happy to know there are puppies out there practicing with us. How lovely!
I love this practice. Perfect amount of time for core work:)
Thank you Tesa, lovely to know you and Shasta are practicing with us again :)
Just so enjoy your energy Zoe! You can even make core work fun. That is true talent:)
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Thank you Tesa :) haha isn't it always funner when we are in it together?
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