Kundalini Vitality Reboot Challenge: Day 7: Radiance
Sukhdev Jackson

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Thank you for this energizing challenge.  Beaming

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Thank you for this reboot. I needed to get back to my daily practice and to the rescue comes Kundalini! This week's practices have impacted positively the events in my life. Thank you again, Sukhdev.
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Hi Sukhdev,  Thank you again for this practise.  I completed the 7 day challenge and feel intensely invigorated.   I also feel a lot of stiffness/stress in joints where I have never before.  I am assuming that clearing out my chakras (as I have been doing emotionally for a couple months now...) has unleashed a lot of old stuff that is now moving through my body.  Just wondering what you might advise to facilitate further clearing of all that?
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Hi Sukhdev! Thank you for the challenge, I'm happy to learn how to get to a neutral mind and cultivate that. I have also released alot, became more self-loving anfd self-accepting. Do you recommend we keep doing this practice on a weekly basis? Please share your thoughts! Thank you again and again! 
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Dearest Sylvia - That is such a great question.  Perhaps Sukhdev will join in the response.  Meanwhile, if you are able to get outside, going for a nice long walk can raise the heart rate and get the joints and prana moving through the body and help release that tension.  A faster-paced vinyasa practice like this one with Wade Gotwals can help twist and move energy through the body.  We also often will recommend drinking a lot of water after practicing, and maybe a green juice to work everything through. Hope this helps!
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I’m so grateful for this website and this challenge.  Thank you all for bringing the amazing practice of Kundalini into my life! Sukhdev , you are beautiful inside and out.  A wonderful example of the type of role-model I aspire to become. Much love.
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Dearest Sukhdev, thank you very much for the challenge. You got me out of my comfort zone and I feel more elated than I have in a long time. I love your way of teaching, your inner radiance, your wonderful words that always touch my heart. I look forward to further outstanding opportunuties to practice with you.

Thanks a lot YOGAANYTIME.

Much love from East Germany, Anja Amarjeet
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Anja what a wonderful comment, thank you for sharing your experience with Sukhdev!  We are so pleased her teachings touched you!  Check out her season of Kundalini Rising to get more Sukhdev! Stay well and close! 🙏 >
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Melissa we are so glad Sukhdev's teaching resonated!  If you would like to practice with her more, check out Season 1 of Kundalini Rising!  Thank you for connecting here! Sat Nam! ✨ 
Fun challenge! Thank you! 
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