Vibrant Flow: Strong Center, Open Heart
Rosemary Garrison

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I love the way to bring me deep inside me. Thank you. Loved it!
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Feeling expansive and grateful...thank you for this inspiring and delicious season of yoga! Much Love 💕 🙏🏻
Thank you, Jenny ! It was such a joy to share it with you. Love to you as well. 
Thank you, federica . This means so much. I love it when the practice can guide us inward... such a gift. Enjoy!
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Amazing class, thank you so much!!
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Thank you for this sharing this heart-opening, expansive practice. It’s been such a joy to participate in this season of yoga with you! 
Thanks, Ana Luiza  ! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Be safe, be well. 
Thank you, Tara Nadia ! It's been such a joy to share it! Thanks for taking the journey with me. Be well. 
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 It was 116 degrees out yesterday, yet after this practice I was in love with everybody and everything...especially the little lizards running across my patio. I had to repeat it today and sure enough, heart blossoming. Incredible way to end the this series.
Thank you! Wonderful class!
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