Fluid Strength: Free Your Fascia Flow
Lydia Zamorano

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Such a strong hop up into handstand. Any tips, please?
cw Hi!
Yes for sure! Try hopping up with your legs bent at first like a little tuck. When you hop, focus on getting your upper back over your hands instead of your bottom. Before you try the hops, warm up your wrists and do a bunch of straight arm planks with shoulder blade protraction. Hold straight arm strength plank for 10 long breaths, or till you get tired. All those things will help your hop be lighter and filled with ease! Good luck! 
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This gave me so much life! More please!
Emily S Best news! Thank you! Have you practiced my new flow yet Emily? It's called Flowing Into Calm. I hope you like that one too! Keep me posted. Warmth and smiles, Lydia 
Thanks for this! Truly enjoyed this flow, keen to practice my back bending more with these movements.
Sandra S You are so welcome Sandra! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm so happy you enjoyed this flow. Warmth, Lydia 
Fantastic! I love all of the rippling and gliding and watery-ness of this practice! Thank you so much.
Erika H you are so welcome Erika. I'm so happy to be practicing with you. 
I had a really unique experience of this lovely practice, Lydia Zamorano ! I ended up inserting little segments of it into a larger practice of my own over at least 4 sessions! Something that a platform like this allows : ) Just finished up today. Thank you for this playful and challenging sequencing : ) Love from Ottawa to the mountains!
Kate M I love how you are breaking these practices up into little bite size pieces! I like to call them practice snacks or snippet. :) Lots of love back! 
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