Joyful Flow: Flow into Ease<br>Wade Gotwals

Joyful Flow: Flow into Ease
Wade Gotwals

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Jenny S
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These 8 weeks flew by but you saved the best for last! This practice had such an easy, organic flow to it, along with your cheerful cueing and cool transitions. The short chakra meditation at the close was a sweet finish to the class and the season 🍎🍊🍋🍏⚗️🧿🔮 thank you Wade! 🙏🏻
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Didn't that fly by Jenny S ?! Always so great to know you are on the journey and look at you rocking out the chakra color emojis, that's awesome!! Thanks for your continued support and sharing your great energy in the forum!
Christel B
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That was wonderful ! after a day's journey to come back to and get grounded. I also enjoyed the meditational ending. Thank you for these joyful flows, they were delightful.
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HI Christel B so great to hear from you and so happy you joined on this Joyful journey! Thanks for sharing the love!
Lina S
Thank you for your creative sequencing of asanas and the precision of your cueing and teaching. I like when arm moves are combined with breathing exercices. It helps me connect better with my breath and stay focused. I realize I haven't followed the order... I'll do the other practices of the series. Thank you again!
Sue M
It’s a real joy and pleasure to practice with you! What a wonderful series, many thanks Wade! I really appreciate it.
Lina S it's wonderful to hear from you and so appreciate the connection on the Joyful journey! I love 'breathing -arm movements' too and the way it helps us feel the expansion of Prana! Enjoy the other practices :)
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So great to hear from you Sue M and so happy you are on this joyful adventure with me!
Elissa P
HI Wade! I couldn't do this live but I did it on my own time. As always, just masterful sequencing and guidance. This last class felt particularly deliciosa. Gracias! 
Hi Elissa P So great to hear from you and thanks so much for the positive shout outs- always! I hope life is treating you well!
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