Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Day 3: Smelling
Suniti Dernovsek

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Another dreamy practice. I’m noticing that each practice plays off the others, and this shines a light on how our senses do the same. The sense of smell is a big one for me...I’m always aware of how certain smells can conjure up potent feelings and memories, some wonderful, some not so nice. But being able to really feel sensations through the sense of smell is one of the greatest gifts we have here in this realm of existence 🌹☕️🥧🥥🧄🔥🙏🏻
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Hi Suniti- I agree with Jenny S  that these practices are having a wonderful cumulative effect on my senses. And how useful to have pointed out -despite it being  "as clear as the nose on your face!" haha  that the nose bone sits right on the midline- wow this really helped me make tiny adjustments in my position throughout the session . Another lovely homework assignment on my way to work....the rain is falling softly so the "petrichor" ( a favourite word of mine!) will be amazing - in fact I´m going to call this the petrichor practice. Thank you Suniti,
have a wonderful day!
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Thank you Jenny S! Smelling is a big one for me too. I appreciate your share!
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Michelle F, Oh I bet the petrichor was amazing after the rain. :)  I too get so much out of orienting towards midline. I find it so useful in asana. It can be interesting to feel nose, sternum and tailbone all at the same time. Thank you for writing! 
Thank you for this beautiful practice Suniti. I loved every moment of our exploration. XoA
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Alana Mitnick you are welcome! What a treat to have you practicing with me. Xo
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Another practice that is pure magic! I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your teachings. Thank you!!
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Hi Laura M, Aw thanks. I also love the way Yoga Anytime has connected me to so many lovely practitioners. Sometimes the connection lands at just the right time and it feels like magic. Thanks for being here with me!
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thank you suniti. I love practicing with you. 
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Oh dearest Suniti, 
What an AMAZING practice. I feel so much gratitude. Thank you for your presence and guiding me to find my own curiosity. I will go for a walk and inhale all the beautiful flowers and think of you! xoxox
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