20 Minute Yoga Flows: Grounded Balance Flow
Robert Sidoti

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A delicious yoga snack.  Thank you! 
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enjoyed it :))
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This was so good! I love the long holds and the slowed-down pace. I could feel my body growing stronger even in just 20 minutes. Thank you!
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Loved this, Rob! 🙏 GREAT wake up the body for the day flow!!!  Very efficient 20 minute practice! 
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I really enjoyed the practice thank you. Great stretch after biking!
What a great way to describe the 20 minute practice Grainne O  - 'a delicious yoga snack' - I will share that :)) 
Happy you enjoyed it Fabian H !! 
It doesn't have to take an hour or an hour and half to get all the 'yoga feels' and benefits - 20 minutes can be just right! Those long classes are amazing but do take up a big portion of ones day as well as make people feel classes are best when that long - make sense? So sometimes people will simply pass on practicing because they feel they don't have time for an hour or longer - let's here it for the 20 minute practices!! :) 
Well well well - look who it is, my good pal Rebecca R !! So happy you joined and are practicing here with us all! I miss you - all of our time at YTT's and classes - please accept a nice virtual hug! Lot's of love to you and your kiddos! 
Hey there Robin J !! Thanks for practicing here with us - glad it felt like a nice compliment to your biking! 
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