20 Minute Yoga Flows: Grounded Balance Flow
Robert Sidoti

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I enjoyed this practice so much, I sent it to my son for him to enjoy. I wobbled like crazy on Warrior Three, but steadied when I tried to find the ease in the effort and relax into the pose. Thanks Robert. Namaste.
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Energizing and efficient!! Love it, Robert!
Ah, this was a great practice, Robert! It made me more aware od my feelings and the sensations in my body! Thanks and kind regards!
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thought the material at the start made the warrior 3 poses more grounded and accessible. many thanks Robert.
Robert, thanks for a fantastic yoga workout!
You got it Maya H  - thanks for sharing here and practicing with all of us!! 
Hey there Matthew !! I'm so happy Warrior 3 was accessible!! 
Hi Sandra Židan !! Apologies for delay in response! To be connected to our bodies can feel real nice - happy you were able to feel :)) 
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Thanks!!! 20 min is all I can fit in right now.... worked real good! haha..... Cheers!!!
20 minutes can definitely be enough Tracy C !! Cheers to you, hope you are well!! 
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