Renewal: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Strong Hearted Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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Great flow in Day 4! Just what my mind and body needed to get away from my "to do list" and overthinking everything at the start of a work day. Thank you Rosemary, I love doing this practice in the morning. I am grateful for your calm and grounding presence.
Thank you, Sue D ! Such wise words. Sometimes it's so hard to step away from the to do list. Always so wonderful when we can start the day on the mat and let the rest from from there. So grateful to be sharing this challenge with you. Enjoy!
Thank You Rosemary! I'm so, so happy to have the opportunity to practice with you every day. Today I integrated the Reiki practice at the and of your sweet heart is open and calm. Thank you again!!!
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Thanks to Sue D for sharing her wishlist. I focused on much better behavior yesterday. The biggest takeaway from this morning was the heart opening into our upward dogs. It was much more yin. Your cues are becoming more three-dimensional in my body. 
That sounds so dreamy and heart opening, Francesca Venturini . I adore Reiki. Thank you for sharing. Namaste. 
Oh, that's wonderful, David G- . I love the idea of it feeling more three dimensional! I hope you continue to enjoy. 
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I've enjoyed the backbend variations in the quadruped position and in the gate pose. It prepared well for dancer pose. Thank you!
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loved the way you guided us through dancer pose - it really helped me to see it as a space for dynamic exploration and learning rather than mindlessly straining and making an imperfect copy! thanks. 🙏 
Lovely to hear, Lina S ! So good to feel prepared for such a deep backbend. Enjoy! 
“A space for dynamic exploration and learning…” I love that, Matthew ! So happy to hear that was your experience.  When we can feel the practice from the inside out, rather than aiming for that imperfect copy, everything changes. 
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