Yin Yoga and Mythology: Saraswati Yin
Kelly Kamm

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You know, I have been telling that one for so long that I can't remember where it came from! I definitely add my own details when I retell things, so you usually won't find a story exactly like mine anywhere LOL 
I think of myths as something very much alive and always transforming, so I don't hesitate to add something here and there if it keeps the story fresh and relevant :))

Thank you for sharing this story it really helped me right now.
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I came to the mat with some soreness from a more strenuous routine but the yin yoga melted the soreness away:>) Amazing!
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What a wonderful combination, yin yoga and mythology. Very inspiring and nourishing at the same time. Looking forward to more episodes! ✨
Chars Cowling I'm so glad. Hope you have a week of ease and joy :)
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Christel B So glad we got you feeling better! xoxo
Brigitte M Oh thank you thank you! I'm so happy that you're enjoying it! 
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I loved the breathing between skin and muscle and the water imagery in myth and in body. The softness of this practice was restorative, and hopefully inspires me to be more creative.  
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David Goldstein thank you so much!! 
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This is really timely! I was remembering my first yoga teacher's classes. He wound the mythology of the asanas through his classes and as a result I learned to love Hanumanasana.  Thank you so much Kelly for your storytelling and poetry. 
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