20 Minute Yoga Flows: Root to Self
Bex Urban

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What a treat! It was so nice to have a new practice with you. I can't wait to try the rest.Love love love Robin
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Great to see you back here Bex 🦋 this was a bright, sweet sequence that is a perfect way to wake up the body in the morning, or (in my case today) get a lovely break and lift in the middle of a busy day. Looking forward to the rest of the season 🙌❤️
Jenny S thanks...keep on keeping on xoxo
Robin J back together virtually
What a gift to mind, body and  soul! Thanks for reminding me to breath into the presence of the movement. Great to have you back, Rebecca. Namaste.
Glenford N thanks for being a part of the sangha! Big love
Beautiful practice, Bex! I feel so calm after doing it! Thanks! 💝
Sandra Židan thank yourself, you did the practice!!!kudos and love
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Happy to have another series with Bex, I love your classes!
Kimberley H thanks, glad to virtually be with you again. Big hugs
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