20 Minute Yoga Flows: Hands Free Flow
Bex Urban

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Such a fun practice thanks bex
Super invigorating thanks
Robin J thank you...you keep on practicing!
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Hi Bex,
This was just the very dab! Thank you - you used one of my all time favourite words ...effervescence..... and quickly followed it by saying ...a brief respite in Utkatasana,which even after all these years is still a challenge to me and can cause my spirit to plummet at times if I know it´s coming - but what with the effervescence an all haha- it was fine! I still couldnt stretch to calling it a respite tho!
Have a beautiful day!
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I recognize these moves and was able to do them better today than last Saturday.  Thanks again for a fabulous retreat!  
Suzanne L yay! Wonderful to be together in person.
Michelle F thank you, I love that word too.
Beautiful practice, Bex! Thanks! 💝
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Thank you for easy to follow yoga instructions. Makes all the difference!!
Sandra Židan thank you! So great you are enjoying the offeringsn
Lynn-Marie M glad the sequencing and guidance support you moving! Xox
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