30 Minute Yoga Flows: Hip Opening Flow
Wade Gotwals

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Really enjoyed the session, Wade. Brilliant cueing as always. Regards, Catherine 🙏🏼
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Hi Jenny S we all live for your forum commentary and writing artistry! Thank for taking us to the East Coast!! So glad you are feeling these flows! big hug
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Kate M big love and hugs to you and thank you for all the Independence Day cheer from PEI, I am sure it's amazing there!!
Hi Tracey S I am so glad you found your way here as well! Thanks for being on the journey with us and so glad you are resonating with these flows!!
Great to hear from you Shawn and to know your are flowing with me! How is your yoga community doing?! I am sure that are grateful for the space you hold!
Catherine A thank you so much for sharing with me and the forum- so glad you are feeling it!!
Thank you for this strong open session—love the pigeon transition and the strong circle patterns!
Sharon O I love that you are resonating with this! Those freeing circular movements are one of my personal fav's too! Great to connect with you!
Hey Wade: this was a cool practice, and once again I inhabited a yin mind-space. The arm balance drop was fun to watch and try on the second side. Work in progress, but as you said, it is practice. Best, Dave
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Hi David G- Always good to hear from you and so great the zen mind space is infiltrating all of your practice! Congrats on moving towards the arm balance - love to throw in a good challenge into the practice every once in a while!
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