Keepin' it Real: Core Mobility Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Core Mobility Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Robert! I LOVED this practice. So many fun sequences, and very powerful. I feel strong and stretched and energized for my day beginning here in Berlin. I appreciate your guidance, each and every time, but this one is my absolute favorite practice with you to date. Best~~
Lea M
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Amazing class!  I couldn't do all of the poses, but I will try again. Thank you, Robert!
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great stuff - many thanks. :)
Matilda P
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as always Robert Sidoti - amazing. You are my absolutely favourite teacher. I love your classes, I love your style of guidenance, and I love your sequencing of asanas. 
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Great class!! I felt so strong and capable when I did this routine - and it was fun, too - I really needed this today
Lina S
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Fun sequence with the squat and camel pose. Nice balance and strength sequence (rocket lunge, tree, warrior 3). A nice energizing flow. Thank you.
David G-
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Tree pose: thanks for sharing that. I feel the same way with foot placement. I decided to go faster with the animal moves. Thanks for getting me out of balance and for a few laughs too. Looking forward to rocking out more practices with you. Hard to pick a favorite pose, but downward dog is so cleansing and focusing. Namaste 
Robert Sidoti
Hello Shawn !!! Wowza, what a great comment and feedback - thank you! I am so happy it felt this good for you - especially after the practices you've done with me - it's great how we can still continue to grow and evolve as students/teachers and humans :))  Sending big hugs from the states to you in Berlin!! 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Lea M !! Thanks for the comment! Let me know how your progress goes - would love to know if you can do some of the poses with more practice :)) 
Robert Sidoti
Many many thanks to you Matthew !! Always nice to 'see' you here! 
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