Keepin` it Real: Morning Practice for Beginners
Robert Sidoti

Watch this Practice
Thanks.. very nice gentle but deep practice :)
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Thank you! You are a gifted beginner yoga teacher.
It is truly my pleasure to offer yoga in the best possible way I can, THANK YOU Heidi and Bhakti:)
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I just did my first practice and I am exhausted and deeply relaxed. I know that if I lie down, I will fall asleep. Great lesson Robert!
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Thanks Robert I found some excellent tips in that class.
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What a lovely class and....super teacher! Although a beginner it's nice to hear some encouragement along the way, adaptions to poses made them possible. Thank you
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My second class with Robert, I find his classes easy to follow and love the stretches and movements, also, as a meditation teacher I understand the breath. For me, I suffer with upper body nerve pain, that can get very severe. Gutted I didn't come to yoga before now, I feel at home with it, Thank you, Robert, as always.
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Being new to yoga, this class is filled with perfect explanations on breath and reassurances to continue. I especially enjoy your sound effects Robert ;) Feeling very grateful this morning to have found Yogaanytime.
We are grateful you joined us Joanne! Without you and the others we would simply be talking to ourselves:)) haha I'm so happy that you find encouragement and reassurance in this session! Keep on keeping on, stay with the practice and all will come as it's meant to come:) Peace and gratitude
Elle, apologies for delayed response!! I love your comment and kind words AND I'm so happy you have found yoga and it feels good and 'like home' for you!! Please keep in touch, I'm very interested in how things go for you and others:) Peace and respect to you from me!
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