Keepin` it Real: Morning Practice for Beginners
Robert Sidoti

Watch this Practice
This is so good to hear Cheryl !! To find the yoga/Meditation practice at a young age is priceless, so valuable :)) Thank you so much for sharing this with me - lmk how it goes!! 
No yoga for a week , lots of planes...even doing this gentle practice I felt cramps in my legs ;) But it was perfect to go back on my mat like a beginner we always are in a way. 🙏
The Beginners Mind - what a refreshing place to reside - always open and available to soak up new information and knowledge - a spacious mindset, not full of ourselves thinking we already know it all :) To show up as a beginner on the mat, more opportunities to discover new space in our bodies and practice. You are awesome, thanks for sharing here Ch Marie d’I !! 
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