Our Practices: Erich's Personal Practice
Erich Schiffmann

Watch this Practice
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Erichji! LOVE!
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Thank you! Loved it!
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Have had the pleasure to practice 'with' you before and it was wonderful. But to be able to simply watch, observe, learn and FEEL you listen and Feel your way through the unfolding of what we call practice, was such an awesome gift. Also realized that maybe I am not from another planet and might just be okay! Thanks Erich, Thanks Yoga Anytime!
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Obviously based on your leadership and inspiration the grand ending to my practice needs work!!! Love it!
Thank you, Erich!
hahahahaaaa the ending was fun. I had forgotten about that :)))
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Great practice! Thank you Erich!
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Soooo lovely.
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That was so amazing...as if seeing the elements change as you practiced...soft fluid liquid changing to a fire-like laser at the end of a few of the poses. Beautiful.
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Beautiful! Asana Meditation.
Thank you Eric for sharing this!
Love the ending also, I saw a flash of you as a Star Wars Jedi knight.

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