Good Morning Yoga: Meditative Flow
Alana Mitnick

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Beautiful Practice! Great stress release. Nice balance between vinyasa and yin. Thank you Alana!
Hi Tesa! So delighted to hear from you! I'm inspired by your dedicated yoga practice. xo Alana
My mind was racing a mile a minute and I felt very antsy during the opening part of the practice, but ultimately you helped me calm the chatter and settle in. Mission accomplished!
Hi Catherine, Thank you for sharing. So delighted to be practicing together! Happy to hear your results. ~ Alana
This practice is the essence of yoga for me. Slowing everything down, feeling the breath, feeling the movement, watching everything unravel and unfold as we stay present.
Beautifully said, John Jackson. Isn't that the Truth! To experience the essence of Yoga is the ultimate "goal" - connection, integration, wholeness, union, inner ease ... and continuing to refine the quality of our attention in the midst of everyday life - the unraveling, unfolding, and chaos. So glad to be on this journey together. xoA
A very calming and relaxing practice. I found myself dissolving into the asanas to find that ease grace and feeling of space. Floating on a cloud of lightness and fluidity. Thanks Alana. Namaste.
Wonderful Glenford! Yoga is happening for you. :) Namaste, Alana
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I’m in love with the human body! I felt such a delicious sense of ease in this practice, and I feel it was exactly what my body needed, as I have felt tired in the last couple of days. Thank you Alana, for the variety you bring to these classes.
Beautiful insight and awareness, Ali. Thank you for sharing. It's an honor to be on this journey together. Namaste, Alana
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