Therapeutic Yoga: Rest, Restore, and Heal<br>Cheri Clampett

Therapeutic Yoga: Rest, Restore, and Heal
Cheri Clampett

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So wonderful to see your lessons unfold on this site! I love hearing your voice, so gentle and calming. This is a great support to our previous training with you and Arturo and I love having you so available. Deepest gratitude!
Cheri Clampett C-IAYT
Thank you for your love and kind words Esther. It means so much to know you are enjoying the sessions! xoxo
Nicole R
Thank you for doing these! I second everything Esther said. Wonderful sequence and I appreciate all of the information you share!! Has helped deepen my personal practice and in turn benefited my teaching skills. You're the best!!
Cheri Clampett C-IAYT
Hi Nicole, I'm so glad to hear you are on Yoga Anytime and can join me on the mat! I just filmed another season last week, so there will more to come! Thanks so much for your sweet note. Sending my love. xoxo
Cheri Clampett C-IAYT
Hi MJ, I think it's fine to suggest comfort as it's not always possible to evenly prop or do the same positioning on both sides. Let's say I have someone with a hip replacement in class, I may suggest the blanket between the legs on both sides, even though only one side requires it. I hope that answers your question. Sending my love xoxo
Hester M
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This is the juiciest practice I have ever experienced. Much needed as I deal with unknown health issues. Great release of my fear and tension. Thank you with all my heart Cheri
Cheri Clampett C-IAYT
Dear [Hester, I am so touched to read how the practice supported you to release tension and fear. I know how challenging it can be to have unknown health issues. Sending my heartfelt wishes for your deepest healing and return to radiant health. Warmly xoxo
Melissa P
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Yes, this is wonderful. I am truly grateful to be able to practice with you here. My whole being appreciates this and now the students will too.
Cheri Clampett C-IAYT
Hi Melissa, I'm so glad you are joining me here on Yoga Anytime! Thanks for your sweet note, I'm so glad you will share these practices with your students too! Much love xoxo
Elissa P
Cheri. It's been years since I've had the pleasure of taking a class with you personally, and I now live far away .... but what a treat to find you here. I think in all these years since I started yoga-ing in Santa Barbara in the early 90s, you are still the one I think of as the BEST restorative teacher ever. I've gone places "with you" that I've never reached in any other restorative class. Thank you, for your sweet and tender guidance and your wonderful gift.
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