Healthy Happy Sexy: Earth Flow
Katie Silcox

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Really great practice thank you x
Great class.  Loved your pace, loved your cues, loved the sequence and your flow.  Beautiful practice  !!   Thank You
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I think that this is one of the most beautiful practices I have ever done!  I did this after a day of working in the garden, and it felt like the perfect continuation of tending the earth.  The practice was calming and grounding, but with some gorgeous variations I have never tried before. I loved the reclined twist with knees bent.  Thank you for sharing this beautiful sequence, Katie.
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I feel ushered into a state of surrender and ease.  Thank you for the persistent and gentle reminders to tend to the mind.  Loved it. 
Many many thanks, really need to grounding me and work with the earth. Love that practice to connect with earth and groundded. GRACIAS. NAMASTE from Spain. 
Soooooo nice
Very nice practice. Thank you. NAMASTE 
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