45 Minute Yoga Flows: Classic Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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Wonderful, thank you Michelle! Enjoy.
Thank you, Kate. Soooo happy to hear this. Enjoy.
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Beautiful practice . I am a complete yoga newbie and found this practice perfect to work on transitioning through different move and timing with breath. Thank you ! I could listen to you all day x
Nemesta x
That's wonderful to hear, Kelly . Thank you! I find it so helpful and grounding to work with the classic postures in a more traditional flow. Enjoy!
Magical practice. Perfect flow, timely cues. I skipped wheel pose because my arms just don't seem to have the strength yet. But I'll definitely tackle this one again!
Magical? I love that! Thank you, Paula Marie . Keep building your arm strength and you'll be in wheel soon. Keep me posted!
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Great great great classic one, feel centered and happy!
Yay for centered and happy! Thank you... and enjoy.
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Great. This gives me stability. X
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Wonderful! A really balanced, all-round routine. It was nice to have a sarvangasana and halasana at the end too. Thank you Rosemary.
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