The Vinyasa Show: For the Love of Hips
Rosemary Garrison

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Ohhhh, Michelle, what an honor. Thank you! Enjoy.
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Thank you again for a wonderful practice! Namaste.
You are so welcome, Renee ! Thank you for sharing in it. Enjoy.
Wonderful start to our morning. Thank you.
My pleasure! So glad it felt good. Enjoy!
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Thank you Rosemary - I love the frog pose - it's new to me - it really brought me joy to become a frog - I love the critter poses.  (My dog has a lovely downward and upward dog and it inspires me when I do the pose. ) I've bookmarked this practice to redo in the spring when the frogs in the pond behind my home are waking up. Thank you for a wonderful practice!
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Beth, your outdoor practice in the spring sounds like such a lovely thing to look forward to!!
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Thank you Ashley!  Happy Holidays to you!
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Happy holidays, Beth!!  :) :)
Beth , I love this. I adore frogs! And I love the idea that you plan to synch your practice with their spring awakening. Please let me know how it goes. ; ) 
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